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Brazil Moves to Increase Crypto Taxes for Overseas Assets

Brazil is revising crypto tax laws, focusing on assets abroad, with changes potentially effective January 2024.

Thu, 17 Aug 2023, 05:44 am UTC

The Brazilian legislature is making strides in revising taxation laws surrounding cryptocurrencies owned outside the country. Recently, a legislative committee in Brazil greenlit changes to a proposal, highlighting the classification of cryptocurrencies as “financial assets” for foreign investment tax considerations.

Furthermore, the proposed law stipulates taxation on gains resulting from cryptocurrency value changes relative to the Brazilian currency and from foreign currency rate changes. Deputy Merlong Solano emphasized that the alteration is intended to ensure consistent tax policies. Presently, international cryptocurrency investments benefit from reduced tax advantages.

For overseas profits, the new guidelines exempt profits up to $1,200. Profits ranging $10,000 would face a tax rate of 15%. Profits exceeding this bracket would be taxed at 22.5%.

Significantly, these alterations are designated for cryptocurrency trading platforms that do not have a presence in Brazil. Legal specialists indicate that this could position domestic exchanges as a more economical alternative for investors, especially those realizing gains surpassing the uppermost tax category. Concurrently, this regulation might invigorate cryptocurrency trading nationally and entice international exchanges to plant roots in Brazil.

Prominent international cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Bitso, and have a footprint in Brazil. Additionally, there are homegrown exchanges like Mercado Bitcoin and Foxbit.

The broader assembly of Brazil’s National Congress is set to deliberate on the proposal on Aug. 28. Upon receiving approval, the modified tax structure would be activated in January 2024.

Moreover, there's a notable uptick in cryptocurrency-associated activities in Brazil lately. The nation's central bank recently unveiled the new identity for its central bank digital currency, dubbed Drex. With the Drex debut, there's an initiative to roll out a tokenization framework to broaden the scope of business capital access.

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