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Vinturas to use IBM Blockchain to provide full automotive supply chain visibility

“Car Sales USA”, by Emilio Labrador, is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Thu, 16 May 2019, 02:52 am UTC

Vinturas announced on Tuesday that it will launch a blockchain-based digital platform to offer automotive end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Vinturas is a consortium of Europe’s leading automotive logistics service providers, which include Axess Logistics, Koopman Logistics Group, NVD, and AutoLink. It aims to provide full visibility of all elements of the supply chain for finished vehicles.

The latest move aims to address different cross-border process issues such as artificially altered mileage and lack of transparency by digitalizing all supply chain aspects, from the factory to dealer. Furthermore, Vinturas will also cover the logistics process of Europe’s used vehicles.

The new platform can help dealers provide updates to their customers, including the location and the estimated time of arrival of the new car. Vinturas platform also allows the possibility to manage in near real-time the European flows of information for OEMs and fleet owners.

Other than the four founding members, shipping and logistics company EML will also participate in the project to provide visibility and cater sea-borne vehicles in the automotive supply chain.

The Netherlands-based logistics business has teamed up with IBM for its blockchain technology and Grant Thornton for auditing, legal, advisory, and blockchain expertise. However, Vinturas maintained that it is an open ecosystem and therefore accessible to interested actors of the Finished Vehicle Logistics field.

We do believe the future of our industry is in collaborating and democratic data-sharing,” Jon Kuiper, Vinturas CEO, said. “By working together, we can unlock significant value for all players in our industry.

The platform will start its operation this September, but its first demonstrations are planned this July.

Meanwhile, aside from Vinturas, IBM also signed artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud deals with Volkswagen and Moovster.

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