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Blockchain payment solution provider NFTpay Integrates with Algorand Blockchain Network

NFTpay simplifies transactions for Algorand-based NFT creators, enhancing convenience and accessibility

Wed, 31 May 2023, 14:23 pm UTC

NFTpay, a trusted name in payment solutions, has announced its integration with the Algorand blockchain network. This partnership aims to streamline transactions for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) creators who are working on the Algorand platform.

Excited about this collaboration, NFTpay emphasizes the benefits it brings to creators, entrepreneurs, and artists looking to launch their NFT projects on Algorand. By offering seamless payment solutions, NFTpay aims to help these creators expand their reach and connect with a larger audience. Algorand, trusted by over 2000 companies worldwide, continues to drive innovation across various industries. NFTpay is thrilled to contribute to Algorand's vision of a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

NFTpay has a proven track record, with notable successes such as Citadel, an Ethereum-based blockchain-infused adventure game. This groundbreaking project, where players can use NFTs as in-game characters, sold out within 30 minutes, generating over $1.5 million. Another testament to NFTpay's integration success is the NFT Oasis, a comprehensive VR experience that witnessed the sale of more than 30 penthouses in the Metaverse.

In addition to simplifying NFT transactions, NFTpay ensures lightning-fast speed. Unlike traditional fiat onramps like Coinbase, which could cause delays in ETH withdrawals and affect Metamask usability, NFTpay overcomes these obstacles by reducing the process to under a minute. With a robust infrastructure capable of handling thousands of transactions per second, artists can quickly sell their collections.

Furthermore, NFTpay's payment solution provides an extra layer of security, ensuring secure transactions for buyers. They handle all legal aspects, allowing creators to focus on building a vibrant community around their work.

To keep pace with the dynamic crypto market, NFTpay consistently expands its integrations, accommodating several renowned blockchains such as EOS, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Cronos, Avalanche, and Ethereum. NFTpay offers its services free of charge for creators and only charges a minimal fee to buyers to cover transaction costs, ensuring that creators receive the full sale price for their artwork.

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