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MechaFightClub NFT Game Faces Indefinite Pause Amid Shifting Cryptocurrency Regulations

Irreverent Labs Hits Pause Button on Ambitious AI-driven Cockfighting Experience

Twitter: @mechafightclub

Thu, 18 May 2023, 13:03 pm UTC

The future of MechaFightClub, a distinctive NFT game innovated by the unique minds at Irreverent Labs, has hit a snag due to the shifting landscape of cryptocurrency regulation in the United States, leading to an indefinite pause in its progression.

Positioned on the Solana blockchain, MechaFightClub (MFC) had ambitious plans to deliver a thrilling AI-driven cockfighting experience where robotic roosters would go beak-to-beak in the high-stakes arena named the "Cocktagon". The company's core essence was intimately entwined with MFC, so much so that selling off the brand was never an option, explained company spokesperson Sood.

Irreverent Labs made an official statement regarding the game’s live service:

“Good News: we’re announcing SOL 4 Cocks: a repurchase program for any MFC NFT from the Genesis mint. We will repurchase your mechabots for 18 SOL.

Why? The bad news: We are pausing the development of MFC for the indefinite future. It was a tough decision, but it needed to be made, which we’ll explain after some details on how SOL 4 Cocks works.”

Despite reaching the critical "alpha" stage - a point where the game becomes playable, although potentially missing certain elements and fine-tuning - Irreverent Labs took the decision to hit pause internally. The idea of MechaFightClub, Sood hinted, may reappear in the future, potentially in a distinct guise, with the team yet to reach a concrete decision.

In a surprising move to cushion the blow of the recent announcement, Irreverent Labs promised its committed fanbase that it would repurchase any Mechabot NFTs for a generous 18 SOL each, equating to approximately $366. This buy-back initiative runs from May 15 through to June 29.

Interestingly, before this unexpected twist, the NFTs were trading on the Magic Eden platform at a price point of around 7 SOL, a figure considerably less than the offered buy-back price. However, since the recent developments, the MFC NFTs have been removed from public sale on Magic Eden.

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