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KuCoin Labs, Coinweb Unveils Partnership Agreement to Uplift Web3 Ecosystem

KuCoin and Coinweb forge strategic partnership for Web3 development.

Fri, 09 Feb 2024, 09:51 am UTC

KuCoin Labs, the research and investment unit of KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Seychelles, announced it has joined hands with Coinweb to boost the Web3 ecosystem. This is a strategic partnership to enhance the third generation of the World Wide Web community by offering support and resources for projects that may crop up in the future.

KuCoin Labs further said the agreement is a crucial step to drive the growth and development of the Web3 ecosystem. Coinweb is already a prominent name in the new internet tech space.

Alliance for the Next Stage of Internet

As per BNN Breaking, the main goal of this collaboration is to provide a consolidated support system for upcoming projects. Another aim is to increase access to investment and incubation openings from KuCoin Labs for ventures that secured a grant from Coinweb Labs.

In other words, the partners want to ensure that these projects have the resources and support they need for their development. The deal may also motivate the upgrading of blockchain technology.

Moreover, Coinweb and KuCoin Labs will make it easier for developers to use the best features of each blockchain so they can succeed in their projects. The former will also offer consultancy services for additional support and reduce difficulties when building new projects on the Coinweb protocol.

Ever-evolving Web Space

Meanwhile, as the internet landscape continues to expand and evolve, the Web3 ecosystem is also changing constantly, especially now that blockchain and cryptocurrency are fast becoming the norm in finance, businesses, gaming, communication, and more. With this, KuCoin and Coinweb want to help redefine the web and services it offers for the future.

"At KuCoin Labs, we are committed to supporting projects that demonstrate transformative potential within the web3 landscape," KuCoin Labs head Lou Yu said in a press release. "Our partnership with Coinweb exemplifies this commitment, providing a streamlined pathway for emerging projects to access vital resources and support. Together, we aim to foster innovation and drive meaningful impact within the web3 ecosystem."

Coinweb's chief executive officer and co-founder, Toby Gilbert, added, "The partnership between Coinweb and KuCoin Labs represents a significant milestone in our shared mission to empower emerging projects within the web3 space by streamlining access to investment opportunities and listing pathways, we aim to catalyze innovation and drive sustainable growth within the ecosystem."

Photo by: KuCoin Labs Press Release

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