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IPXHOP becomes first 'ISMS' certified IP company in S.Korea

Wed, 07 Sep 2022, 14:00 pm UTC

IPXHOP, a global intellectual property trading platform, announced that it has obtained ISMS integrated certification from the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA). This is the first in the domestic IP industry.

ISMS is a comprehensive system that allows seamless management and operation. This is done using information protection procedures, and an established security process to protect information regarding facilities, documents, policies, and organizations.

IPXHOP has solidified its status as a unique and advanced IP marketplace, by being the first to receive ISMS certification in the industry.

For the ISMS certification, IPXHOP worked to strengthen, and fortify all online services and operations such as the "IP Market" platform which sells intellectual property rights of music and tickets. The security protocols also apply to the NFT Exchange ONFT that trades characters, art, customer information protection, service stability, and platform security.

The company has created measures to protect its services, and customers' personal information against external attacks by monitoring and taking measures against virtual currency's vulnerability at a time when information security is at risk.

ISMS certification is the nation's highest level of information protection and personal information protection management system certification. Under Article 47 (2) of the Information and Communication Network Act, companies can check and certify whether they are subject to the obligation.

To obtain ISMS certification, twelve information protection management processes, and ninety-two information protection measures must be according to the required standard.

If certification is obtained through the initial screening, a validity period of three years will be given, and if the certification is passed every year during the validity period of the certification, the certification will be maintained.

Lee Hyosung, CEO of IPXHOP, said, "As a leading company that has obtained ISMS certification for the first time in an IP marketplace, we will strive to establish a safe online environment for customers."

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