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High Lending Rates in the US Stir Banking Landscape, Prompting Fed Member's Cautionary Outlook

Federal Reserve Board Member Highlights Concerns over Tension and Potential Impact on Bitcoin Amidst Unprecedented Loan Rates

Fri, 02 Jun 2023, 10:30 am UTC

Unprecedentedly high lending rates in the United States have the potential to amplify tension within an already strained banking landscape, as cautioned by a representative from the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors during a recent address.

The Board member subtly hinted at the possibility of the central financial institution delaying an increase in its fundamental interest rate during the upcoming Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC) assembly, a decision that could send ripples throughout the financial markets, including the value of Bitcoin. Philip N. Jefferson, a member of the Board, offered insights into the current fiscal panorama of the US while speaking at the 22nd Annual Global Convention on Policy Challenges for the Financial Sector in Washington, D.C.

While acknowledging that the banking sector has achieved stability following a series of bank panics and property foreclosures in March, Jefferson also acknowledged the inherent risks posed by the significantly elevated short-term lending rates, which have surged "5 percentage points above their level just slightly over a year ago."

Jefferson clarified that the impacts of fiscal policy take time to materialize and are subject to "lengthy and unpredictable delays" that cannot be accurately measured within a single year. He projected a slower economic expansion for the remaining year due to "escalated uncertainty," decreased household savings, and stringent financial circumstances. Although he did not anticipate a financial downturn, Jefferson expressed concerns that modest profits and soaring rates could strain businesses' ability to manage debt.

Finally, Jefferson suggested the possibility that the Fed could maintain its policy rate unchanged in an "upcoming session." However, he cautioned against interpreting it as the Fed having reached "the maximum rate for this cycle." The rising rates had exerted downward pressure on Bitcoin and stocks throughout 2022, meaning that approaching the maximum rate could potentially buoy the asset.

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