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Crypto Bull Run Coming as Trading Volume Hits Peak

Centralized exchanges experienced increased spot trading activity following the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs in the United States.

Thu, 08 Feb 2024, 09:13 am UTC

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges witnessed a notable surge in spot trading volume, marking the fourth consecutive month of increase and reaching levels reminiscent of those seen in June 2022.

This uptick in activity followed the approval of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States, igniting fresh interest in digital assets.

According to data from CCData, spot trading volume rose by 4.45% compared to December, reaching a staggering $1.40 trillion. The approval of Bitcoin ETFs on January 10th initially drove a surge in the price of Bitcoin (BTC). However, the market sentiment shifted shortly after that, leading to a decline in BTC's value.

CCData analysts noted that the post-approval price action signaled the conclusion of a prolonged uptrend in the market. Despite the sell-off, investor enthusiasm remained palpable, underpinning the sustained momentum in spot trading.

Market Dynamics and Exchange Performance

Binance, maintaining its position as the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, recorded a 2.73% increase in January, totaling $473 billion. Despite its dominance, Binance witnessed a gradual decline in spot share throughout 2023 due to regulatory challenges. The departure of founder and CEO Changpeng "CZ" Zhao further impacted the exchange's trajectory.

According to Coin Desk, Coinbase, serving as the primary custodian for many participants in the U.S. spot Bitcoin ETF market, experienced a steady rise in market share for the third consecutive month, reaching 5.42%. This increase reflects Coinbase's strategic positioning as a trusted platform for investors seeking exposure to digital assets.

Conversely, OKX, the second-largest exchange, observed a decline in trading volumes and market share during the same period. This downturn may be attributed to increased competition and shifting investor preferences.

Derivatives Market Performance

According to Crypto News, the derivatives trading sector saw a 2.79% volume decline, marking its first downturn in four months. Despite this, derivatives trading remains a significant component of the cryptocurrency market, accounting for a substantial portion of overall trading activity.

The market share of derivatives trading dropped slightly from 71.4% in December to 69.9% in January. CME witnessed a notable increase in derivative trading volume, highlighting shifting dynamics within the derivative market landscape. As investors navigate evolving market conditions, the role of derivatives in managing risk and optimizing returns continues to develop.

Photo: Galina Nelyubova/Unsplash

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