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Brazil Embarks on Blockchain-Powered Digital Identity Initiative for 214 Million Citizens

Brazil is utilizing blockchain for national digital IDs, starting in selected states, with future plans for a digital currency.

Mon, 02 Oct 2023, 06:25 am UTC

More than 214 million citizens of Brazil are on the cusp of a digital transformation. The nation's government has disclosed its plan to employ blockchain technology to issue digital identities.

Starting off in states like Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, and Goiás, the groundwork has been set to roll this initiative out nationwide by November 6.

This transformative leap into digitalization is powered by a specialized blockchain fashioned by Serpro, Brazil's premier data processing entity. A recent proclamation on September 25 confirmed that the plan is to facilitate every citizen with blockchain-enabled identity documents.

Alexandre Amorim, who helms Serpro as its president, stressed the paramount importance of blockchain for this venture. In his view, the technology's inherent features of being unalterable and decentralized resonate perfectly with the requirements of a nationwide digital identity system. He further elucidated that the adoption of the b-Cadastros blockchain platform amplifies the robustness and trustworthiness of the National Identity Card initiative.

The digital identification venture is seen by the local governance as a potent tool against the tentacles of organized crime. It's anticipated to forge better synergy between different government factions, simplify access to a range of services, and refine administrative record-keeping. Notably, Argentina's Buenos Aires has taken cues from this initiative, enabling its inhabitants to procure identity documents via a digital mode.

Brazil's stride towards a centralized digital identity system has been persistent. With the latest technological integration, seamless and fortified data communication is expected between the Federal Revenue and other official bodies.

Furthermore, Brazil is on the brink of launching a central bank digital currency, which they've named "Drex". Official information regarding this currency was unveiled this past August.

Early revelations suggest that the central bank is gearing up to bolster business capital access through a system that tokens can be associated with Drex.

It's also noted by local tech enthusiasts that the Drex system permits central oversight, which can halt funds or modify balances.

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