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Brad Garlinghouse Advocates XRP ETF for Crypto Mainstreaming

The CEO of Ripple, a leading payments platform, suggests that the creation of ETFs focused on XRP and other digital assets would be logical.

Thu, 22 Feb 2024, 09:42 am UTC

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple Labs, voiced his support for creating exchange-traded funds (ETFs) focused on digital assets, including XRP. Garlinghouse expressed his belief that introducing such investment vehicles would be a logical progression in the evolution of the cryptocurrency market.

Garlinghouse highlighted the potential advantages that crypto ETFs could offer to investors.

He emphasized the importance of diversification in investment portfolios, drawing parallels between the emerging crypto market and the early days of the traditional stock market. According to Garlinghouse, offering investors the opportunity to spread their investments across various digital assets would help mitigate risks and foster broader market participation.

Regulatory Challenges and Legal Uncertainties

Despite his optimism about the potential of crypto ETFs, Garlinghouse acknowledged the regulatory hurdles and legal complexities facing the cryptocurrency industry. Ripple Labs, in particular, has been embroiled in a protracted legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over the classification of XRP.

The outcome of Ripple's legal dispute with the SEC remains uncertain, casting doubts on the immediate approval of an XRP ETF.

According to Daily Hodl, recent events, such as the false filing for a spot XRP ETF in Delaware, have added to the regulatory uncertainty surrounding digital asset investment products.

Garlinghouse stressed the importance of regulatory clarity and legal certainty for successfully launching crypto ETFs. He noted that while the demand for such investment vehicles is evident, regulatory authorities must provide clear guidelines and frameworks to ensure investor protection and market integrity.

Future Outlook and Market Sector

Looking ahead, Garlinghouse expressed confidence in the long-term prospects of crypto ETFs. He believes the demand for diversified investment options will grow as the cryptocurrency market matures and regulatory frameworks evolve.

According to Coin Gape, this growing demand and advancements in regulatory clarity could pave the way for introducing ETFs centered around digital assets like XRP.

While the timing of their introduction remains uncertain, Garlinghouse remains optimistic about the eventual launch of crypto ETFs. He believes these investment vehicles will significantly expand market participation and facilitate broader access to digital asset investments for investors worldwide.

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