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Proposal to Revamp Bitcoin Ordinals Numbering System Sparks Debate in Crypto Community

Casey Rodarmor suggests revamping Bitcoin Ordinals' numbering system, aiming to simplify the codebase despite mixed community reactions.

Thu, 21 Sep 2023, 03:49 am UTC

Casey Rodarmor, the brain behind Bitcoin Ordinals, has recently brought forth a suggestion to revamp the current numbering system utilized by the protocol. The primary objective behind this move is to declutter and simplify the existing project codebase.

From the inception of the Ordinals protocol, every NFT produced under its umbrella was designated with a distinct number, acting somewhat like a unique identification mark. This unique numbering played a pivotal role in the creation of digital art within the protocol's framework.

However, Rodarmor has expressed concerns over the fact that maintaining a constant inscription number has resulted in a cumbersome code, consequently impeding the progress of development. To counter this challenge, Rodarmor's proposal introduces the idea of making these inscription numbers "consistently changeable". This implies that the importance given to the unique numbering system for the inscriptions crafted on the Bitcoin network will be lessened.

Rodarmor maintains that this transition will not only streamline the protocol's codebase but also pave the way for smoother amendments in days to come. He went on to explain that the inscription numbers will undergo modifications but will not be entirely abandoned. The revamped numbers will bear a close resemblance to the existing ones, possibly showing a variance of about 1%.

This proposal has been met with a mixed bag of reactions. While a considerable portion of the community is in favor of the change, others raised concerns regarding individuals who have invested significantly to obtain particular numbers. Their investments could be potentially devalued with this proposed shift in numbering. In response to such concerns, it was mentioned by a community member that enthusiasts who place importance on inscription numbering can still categorize these collectibles based on when they were created.

For context, Bitcoin Ordinals function as tools that permit inscriptions on a satoshi, recognized as the minutest Bitcoin (BTC) unit. Having been introduced in January 2023, the protocol has witnessed the minting of numerous inscriptions on the BTC network. Notably, as of August 21, Bitcoin Ordinals made up almost 85% of all Bitcoin network activities.

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