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Bitcoin NFT Market Explodes on Magic Eden with $100M in Trades Amid Halving Buzz

Over $100M in Bitcoin NFT trades on Magic Eden showcases market surge.

Wed, 28 Feb 2024, 09:34 am UTC

The Bitcoin NFT market on Magic Eden experienced a significant surge this month, with digital collectibles traders transacting over $100 million in trading volume, as reported by a Dune Analytics dashboard provided by pseudonymous contributor Sealaunch.

Record-Breaking Transactions and Growing Participation

Accompanying this surge, the platform also witnessed a record high of $2 million in fees paid for buying and selling Bitcoin NFTs. Despite this remarkable feat, sales figures did not surpass those achieved in December of the previous year. The marketplace boasted more than 45,000 buyers and over 91,000 sellers, indicating a robust level of participation.

The Bitcoin NFT market on Magic Eden has been on an upward trajectory since September of the preceding year, coinciding with Bitcoin's price surge. According to Crypto News, Bitcoin exchanged hands at around $25,000 during that period, per TradingView data.

Since then, Bitcoin has soared over 125%, reaching a price above $57,000, a level not seen since December 2021. With this, as per Decrypt, the halving event is also one of the main reasons why the crypto market will go on a parabolic bull run.

The Evolution of Bitcoin NFTs

The concept of Bitcoin NFTs traces back to the introduction of the "Rare Pepes" collection, considered the earliest manifestation of NFTs on Bitcoin. This initiative predates the widespread use of the term "non-fungible token" and the subsequent NFT frenzy that swept across Ethereum in late 2019, catalyzed by the success of Crypto Punks.

Bitcoin NFTs experienced a resurgence in 2023 with the introduction of ordinals and inscriptions, a method for embedding data into BTC transactions developed by Casey Rodarmor in January of the same year.

This innovation revitalized decentralized finance activity on Bitcoin's blockchain, paving the way for significant advancements. Despite the potential presented by Bitcoin NFTs, challenges arose within the community.

While pseudonymous developer Domo created the BRC-20 framework, unlocking a multi-billion dollar token ecosystem on Bitcoin, core contributors expressed concerns and labeled it a potential threat to Bitcoin's chain. This divergence in perspectives underscored the complexities surrounding the integration of NFTs on Bitcoin's blockchain.

Photo: Kanchanara/Unsplash

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