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zkSync Unveils Cutting-Edge Transparent System for Everyday Users

zkSync Era is transforming Ethereum scaling protocols, allowing average computers to participate, increasing transparency, and enhancing processing speed.

Wed, 26 Jul 2023, 04:49 am UTC

Bringing a revolution in Ethereum scaling protocols, zkSync Era takes a giant stride by introducing Boojum, an advanced STARK-based proof system. Aimed at a wider audience, this upgrade enables even average, everyday personal computers to contribute to network activity, breaking the limitations of powerful hardware and servers.

zkSync Era, recognized for its prowess in enhancing Ethereum's speed and capacity, utilizes zero-knowledge rollups or ZK-rollups - a concept that lies at the heart of Boojum. Traditionally, these rollups depend on two proof systems: zk-STARKs and zk-SNARKs, with the latter being the primary choice for zkSync before Boojum's advent.

Embracing a new era, zkSync has introduced Boojum, which makes use of zk-STARKs. This development has led to a significant improvement in transparency compared to the formerly used zk-SNARKs. Constructed using a cryptographic library rooted in Rust, Boojum integrates a superior version of arithmetic circuits exclusively designed for zkSync Era.

What sets this proof system apart is its ability to operate on regular computers with a mere 16GB GPU RAM, compared to the zkSync cluster of 100 GPUs, each equipped with 80GB RAM.

The processing potential of the new system is remarkable. Its predecessor could process approximately 100 transactions per second; however, Boojum guarantees exceptional processing capabilities, thereby outclassing the earlier system.

In the final phase of the implementation, Boojum will combine STARK proofs with a less transparent, pairing-based SNARK, essentially creating an enhanced version of the current SNARK-based proof system. This refined system demands less storage and verification costs, thereby reducing transaction expenses.

Currently, Boojum is in the testing phase on the zkSync Era mainnet, where "shadow proofs" are being produced and evaluated. Before complete migration and wider application, developers are using real production data to assess shadow proofs. It is noteworthy that this system will upgrade without any regenesis, further adding to its appeal.

zkSync Era is pioneering change with Boojum, paving the way for common users to become participants in network activity, while also enhancing transparency and processing speed.

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