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Under-Skin Bitcoin Wallets: Biohacking Meets Cryptocurrency with Apex Implants

Subdermal Bitcoin wallets are the latest biohacking trend, offering a secure way to store cryptocurrency.

Thu, 11 Jul 2024, 09:25 am UTC

Combining biohacking and cryptocurrency, biohackers are securing Bitcoin with subdermal wallet implants.

Apex Wallet: Secure Bitcoin Storage Under Your Skin

Decrypt elaborates that putting your coins inside of yourself is a unique method to keep them close at all times, according to Dangerous Things and VivoKey Technologies of Seattle.

From the outset of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, wallets have been an essential—and frequently frustrating—part of the landscape. Wallets are a hallmark of the space. They range from credit card-sized gadgets and USB thumb drives to desktop computer programs and browser extensions.

The Apex wallet, which is about the size of a pill, safeguards information beneath your skin.

The Future of Cryptocurrency Security: Subdermal Implants

"These wallets are hardware wallets that are meant to be used for sending cryptocurrency," revealed Amal Graafstra, founder and CEO of VivoKey Technologies and Dangerous Things, during an interview with Decrypt. “Your phone app is your interface, but it doesn't have any private keys. The private key and the actual signing of the Bitcoin transaction, or the crypto transaction, is done in the chip.”

Biohacking, an emerging field that includes studies on life extension and the use of brain-computer interface (BCI) technology to control computers, offers a potential solution. Subdermal computer chip implants are being used by many biohackers, including researchers and tech enthusiasts. According to Graafstra, the Apex chip has multiple uses: storing Bitcoin, opening doors, and paying for coffee.

"We have a couple of different Bitcoin and crypto wallets right now that are supported," Graafstra stated. “We have a Satochip wallet, the Seedkeeper application, and the Status IM key card wallet. Those work with different blockchains.”

Exploring the Multi-Functional Apex Chip

The Dangerous Things and VivoKey brands, which were introduced in 2013 and 2017, respectively, focus on in-body radio frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication (NFC) technologies.

VivoKey claims that the Satochip is a BIP32/39 wallet applet that enables users to securely store cryptocurrencies and conduct transactions on the blockchain in a secure manner. Additionally, the Satochip supports a variety of different denominations of cash.

“The Apex currently comes in a ‘Flex’ form factor, which is a much wider device, but very thin,” claims Graafstra. "And so the procedure is similar; it's a needle, you put the needle under the skin, you remove the needle, and then with sterile gloves, you pick up the Apex Flex, and you slide that into the incision."

The current price for an Apex Flex implanted device is $349.

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