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TrueUSD Faces Withdrawal Suspension as Funds Held at U.S. Financial Institution Encounter Regulatory Orders

Stablecoin's Reserve Report Reveals Frozen Assets, Impacting Liquidity and Trading Pairs

Wed, 28 Jun 2023, 15:18 pm UTC

The recent reserve report of the stablecoin TrueUSD (TUSD) has revealed a concerning situation. Funds held at a United States-based financial institution are currently facing a suspension of withdrawals due to regulatory orders.

On June 23, The Network Firm, an attestation provider, brought attention to this issue. Their examination uncovered $26,442 in assets, which serve as backing for TUSD, being held at an institution that had frozen customer transactions for both fiat and digital assets.

Previously, TUSD's issuer had assured investors that it had no association with Prime Trust, a now-defunct crypto custodian that was its former banking partner in the U.S. On June 10, the issuer publicly announced the discontinuation of new token creation through Prime Trust, while stating that it would not impact other banking channels.

With a market cap of $3.1 billion, TrueUSD currently ranks as the fifth-largest dollar-pegged stablecoin, playing a critical role in cryptocurrency market liquidity. It has become a favored choice for stablecoin trading pairs on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. The intellectual property rights of the token were acquired by an obscure Asian investor named Techteryx, with Archblock managing the stablecoin as an agent.

Stablecoins, including TrueUSD, play a vital role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. These digital currencies are designed to be pegged to a stable asset, such as the U.S. Dollar, aiming to address the volatility typically associated with cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins provide stability, encouraging their use in everyday transactions and facilitating digital payments.

The financial assets of TrueUSD are currently entangled at a U.S. financial institution that is under regulatory scrutiny, resulting in the suspension of withdrawal functionality.

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