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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's Worldcoin Unveils Human-Centric Blockchain, World Chain

Sam Altman's Worldcoin unveils World Chain, aiming to make blockchain more human-friendly.

Thu, 18 Apr 2024, 09:18 am UTC

Worldcoin, led by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, unveiled its new blockchain, World Chain, on April 17. Designed to elevate human users over bots, World Chain aims to streamline efficiency and foster practical utility in Web3 applications.

This innovative network also celebrates reaching 10 million World IDs and 75 million transactions, showcasing significant growth and engagement.

World Chain Launch Aims to Empower Human Users, Mitigate Bot Congestion in Blockchain Transactions

In a recent report by Coindesk, Worldcoin, an identity coin firm created by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, is expanding its "human-centric" approach to the Web3 arena with a new World Chain blockchain network.

On April 17, Worldcoin launched World Chain, a new blockchain effort to prioritize human users, increase efficiency, and foster real-world utility in Web3 applications.

Worldcoin surpassed 10 million World IDs and 75 million completed transactions, indicating the project's tremendous growth. Its dedicated network has been created to scale alongside the larger Ethereum network as a layer 2 to suit the project's requirements.

Cointelegraph spoke with Tiago Sada, Worldcoin's chief of operations, to better understand the project's network strategy and its intention to keep humans at its heart.

Sada stated that while World Chain will function similarly to any other L2 and Ethereum, its nuance is that it prioritizes humans over bots despite blockchains frequently experiencing congestion due to bot activity.

“Usually, the way it works is that every account is fighting for block space. Usually, since bots can move faster and they can outbid humans,” he said, “the networks get saturated with all the transactions for bots, and humans have whatever is left — many times, they can’t even get in.”

World Chain's approach attempts to address this by prioritizing transactions completed by confirmed World ID holders:

“It’s going to be an open and permissions network like everyone else, but we are going to prioritize transactions for humans so that their transactions definitely get in, and then the remainder of the block space is just like any other blockchain.”

Worldcoin Sets to Simplify Blockchain Entry with Gas-Free Allowances for Verified Users

Sada also outlined how confirmed users would receive a free petrol allowance, reducing friction for newbies. The protocol aspires to achieve an equilibrium in which bots and power users eventually compensate gas expenses for casual users.

He outlined how the Worldcoin Foundation will issue confirmed humans an "allowance" to conduct a couple of monthly gas-free transactions. “The idea with that is just to make it a lot easier for people to get started so that one does not need to go through the pains of unwrapping and understanding all these things," Sada stated.

The network aligns with Ethereum and works with projects like Optimism and Base. Worldcoin expects a full launch this summer, with a developer preview coming soon.

This announcement follows a series of changes implemented by the project, including tighter privacy checks to improve user data protection and ensure that its platform is only available to people over 18, as well as the ability to permanently delete a user's iris code.

On March 22, Worldcoin made its orb software open source and included a new "personal custody" privacy feature.

These steps come in the wake of a global government examination of its privacy policies, which has resulted in temporary restrictions on operations in Portugal, Kenya, and Spain, among other nations.

Responding to the criticism, Sada stated that it is simply the normal process of launching a new protocol, which is "fortunately" scaling at Worldcoin's rate.

“When any project starts getting to scale, it’s the government’s job to go in and make sure that everything that the project is saying is actually true. And I think that’s completely natural," Sada said.

Photo: Reuters/YouTube Screenshot

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