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Michael Saylor remains very bullish on Bitcoin long term

Saylor said that holding Bitcoin for the long term is the highest-upside, lowest-risk strategy MicroStrategy can pursue.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Tue, 03 Aug 2021, 08:53 am UTC

MicroStrategy is known as the top publicly traded company with the biggest Bitcoin holdings. In a recent interview, CEO Michael Saylor explained why his company remains long-term bullish on BTC.

“We’re leveraged long on Bitcoin,” Saylor told Bloomberg. “We got a ten-year view and our view is that Bitcoin is an open digital property network. One day billions of people are gonna hold digital property all on Bitcoin on their mobile phones.” He added that the company just wants to get there before the billions of users.

Saylor was also asked if MicroStrategy is looking at other coins such as Ethereum. However, the CEO opined that the company is already diversified just by holding BTC.

"We think that holding Bitcoin for the long term is the highest-upside, lowest-risk strategy we can pursue,” Saylor explained. “Some people think diversification means buying other types of cryptocurrencies or other kinds of equities. We think that by holding Bitcoin, we’re diversified.”

He went on to explain that BTC is already on the balance sheets of cities, governments, states, companies, and investors. Saylor also believes that Bitcoin is going to be the core of big tech innovation for companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Facebook.

Saylor also described Bitcoin as an international trust network. Companies such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube that have issues with spam and cybersecurity, could benefit from BTC’s network.

“One of the best ways for them to eliminate spam and to upgrade cybersecurity is to integrate with Bitcoin, especially the lightning network,” he said. This could “create higher levels of creditworthiness and trust with all of the cyber counterparties that are trading on their platforms.”

Having invested in Bitcoin early on, MicroStrategy’s gains are around $1.4 billion on paper. Saylor was also asked if the company might be planning to sell some of its BTCs to realize those paper gains.

“People joke that Bitcoin isn’t really a trading strategy, it’s an exit strategy,” he said. “What we want to hold is a form of non-sovereign store of value forever... I took a survey: the average Twitter follower thinks it’s going to last 3500 years. Nobody’s in a hurry with Bitcoin. We’re thinking that it’s the future of property.”

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