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Mailer Lite Hacker Steals $600K With Fake Emails

A perpetrator exploited a flaw in a digital marketing platform to create deceptive emails that appeared legitimate but contained links leading to sites designed to drain wallets, as discovered by Blockaid.

Wed, 24 Jan 2024, 09:08 am UTC

In a significant blow to digital marketing platform Mailer Lite, a recent phishing attack orchestrated by an unknown assailant resulted in a staggering loss of over $600,000, as reported by web3 security and privacy firm Blockaid.

The attacker skillfully exploited a vulnerability within Mailer Lite, using it as a gateway to execute a phishing scheme that targeted prominent Web3 firms.

Manipulating Permissions And DNS Records

Blockaid detailed the attacker's modus operandi in a social media thread, revealing that the exploiter leveraged a vulnerability within Mailer Lite to craft seemingly legitimate emails. These deceptive emails purportedly originated from web3 organizations such as CoinTelegraph, WalletConnect, Token Terminal, and De.Fi. The attacker cleverly took advantage of Mailer Lite's prior authorization to send emails on behalf of these domains, creating a facade of trust.

How Did the Crypto Scheme Happen?

The intricate scheme involved the use of "dangling DNS" records, initially associated with Mailer Lite but previously utilized by the targeted companies.

Even after closing their accounts, these DNS records remained active, offering the attackers an opportunity to claim and impersonate these accounts. This manipulation allowed the exploiter to send emails that appeared authentic, containing malicious links leading to wallet-draining sites.

According to The Block, crypto sleuth ZachXBT identified several high-profile platforms, including CoinTelegraph, WalletConnect, Token Terminal, and De.Fi, among the victims of this sophisticated phishing attack. The incident underscores the vulnerabilities within digital platforms and the need for heightened security measures to protect against such deceptive tactics.

Cointelegraph claimed this latest breach serves as a stark reminder of the evolving threat landscape, urging companies to prioritize cybersecurity protocols and remain vigilant against the ever-adapting techniques employed by malicious actors. The aftermath of the Mailer Lite phishing attack prompts a collective call for robust security measures to safeguard both digital platforms and their users in an increasingly interconnected online environment.

Photo: Clint Patterson/Unsplash

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