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Louis Vuitton to Launch Exclusive NFT Collection "Via Treasure Trunks" Redefining Luxury Shopping

French Fashion Giant Explores Blockchain Technology to Provide Elite Access to Immersive Events and Limited-Edition Products

Thu, 08 Jun 2023, 11:17 am UTC

Making waves in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, the prestigious French fashion giant Louis Vuitton is set to launch a unique NFT collection called Via Treasure Trunks. This groundbreaking venture aims to revolutionize the shopping experience by granting exclusive access to a members-only portal featuring immersive events and exclusive products.

The company plans to unveil a limited-edition range of several hundred digital treasure chests on June 8th, welcoming enthusiasts from North America and Europe. These highly sought-after digital trunks can be purchased by selected customers starting June 16th at a price of €39,000, approximately $42,000.

Token holders can expect substantial benefits. Along with a physical counterpart of their virtual treasure chest, they will gain privileged access to a range of upcoming products and experiential events from Louis Vuitton. The brand has announced its plans to introduce exclusive offerings on a consistent basis throughout the upcoming year.

Via Treasure Trunks serves as a cornerstone of the brand's expansive project called "Via," derived from the Latin word meaning 'road.' Owners of these digital trunks will have the opportunity to secure digital keys, granting them access to future Louis Vuitton NFT collections tied to physical items. According to Vogue Business, these unique collectibles, known as soulbound tokens, become personal possessions upon purchase, with restrictions on transfer or sale. However, token holders will still have the freedom to sell individual items they subsequently mint.

Louis Vuitton has been a pioneer in exploring the convergence of luxury fashion and blockchain technology, leading multiple blockchain initiatives in recent years. The brand, owned by LVMH, introduced its Aura blockchain system in 2019 to authenticate luxury goods. In April 2021, Louis Vuitton joined forces with luxury counterparts Cartier and Prada to establish the Aura Blockchain Consortium, aiming to combat counterfeiting.

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