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Ledger Delays Launch of Ledger Recover Amid Community Backlash

Enhanced Transparency and Open-Source Approach Planned as Ledger Responds to Feedback

Thu, 25 May 2023, 14:09 pm UTC

The well-known digital wallet firm, Ledger, is pausing on debuting its upcoming feature, Ledger Recover. This move comes in the wake of strong pushback from enthusiasts within the cryptocurrency world.

A Twitter Spaces assembly, which drew the attention of more than 13,000 individuals on May 23, witnessed Pascal Gauthier, Ledger's chairman and CEO, acknowledging the challenging circumstance. He sees it as a critical lesson about the importance of clear communication in such a dynamic and sensitive sector. The company's announcement about the product's introduction wasn't perceived as intended, leading to a lot of unexpected confusion.

Heeding the crypto community's feedback, Gauthier is willing to rectify the situation. He proposes accelerating the firm's plans to reveal a larger portion of its programming blueprint to the public. This transparent approach will initially involve key parts of its operating system and Ledger Recover, the controversial tool at the heart of the current situation. The launch of this feature has now been shelved until these transparency measures are fully implemented.

Ledger's Chief Technology Officer, Charles Guillemet, has indicated that a comprehensive technical document detailing the Recover Protocol will soon be publicly available. Alongside this, a series of in-depth technical blogs will be published, offering further insight into the workings of the Recover tool and highlighting its fundamental principles.

Furthermore, Guillemet pointed out that this open-source approach is not only about transparency but also about inclusivity. It will allow software developers to construct their backup solutions for seed phrase fragments, expanding the possibilities beyond the proprietary solution Ledger offers.

Ledger landed in this turbulent situation following its announcement on May 16. The company planned to introduce Ledger Recover, a firmware upgrade that would provide an optional feature allowing users to reclaim their private seed phrase if it was ever lost. This news ignited the current series of debates and critiques.

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