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Joseon: The World's First Cyber Nation-State Establishes Diplomatic Relations

Joseon Offers a Regulatory Safe Haven for Crypto Industry Amidst Growing Challenges

Fri, 12 May 2023, 02:16 am UTC

The world's first cyber nation-state, with diplomatic relations with a recognized UN member nation, has been introduced.

Joseon, a newly established sovereign nation, aims to create a secure environment for cryptocurrency investors and innovators to thrive amidst the significant regulatory challenges faced by the industry.

As governments exert control and regulate activities within their borders, the concept of sovereignty has become increasingly important for crypto companies. In international law, only sovereignty holds the absolute power of existence.

Joseon traces its roots back to the original Joseon Empire, founded in 1392, which was the longest-running dynastic kingdom in Korea. In 2023, Joseon reaffirmed its continued existence through a treaty with Antigua.

As a recognized nation-state, Joseon has developed its own regulatory framework, enabling its "citizens" to establish their own corporations. The goal of Joseon is to foster an environment that encourages creativity and development, rather than imposing restrictive regulations on innovation and technology.

Concerns regarding internet legislation, including laws against cryptocurrencies and restrictions on freedom, such as the RESTRICT ACT and other bills, have arisen. In contrast, Joseon provides a sovereign cyber jurisdiction free from these burdensome regulations.

BKEX, one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced its ambitious plans to operate within Joseon's jurisdiction. By leveraging the exceptional legal framework and technological infrastructure of Joseon, BKEX aims to enhance its operations.

To facilitate financial transactions, Joseon has introduced the Mun currency (JSM), which combines the advantages of a legitimate national currency and a cryptocurrency. As a sovereign currency, it is the world's first unbannable cryptocurrency, available for trading at BKEX and Hotbit.

Notable individuals, including Mike Honda, a former U.S. Congressman and DNC Vice Chairman, and Roger Ver, Chairman of, have been involved in the development of Joseon as a cyber nation-state.

In summary, Joseon redefines the concept of a nation-state and offers a secure haven for emerging businesses and entrepreneurs. It presents an innovative and unique approach to sovereignty in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

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