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Google Revises Policy to Accept Specific NFT Game Ads But Excludes Gambling

Google modifies its ad policy to allow specific NFT game ads, excluding any gambling-related content.

Fri, 08 Sep 2023, 04:23 am UTC

The renowned tech company, Google, has made adjustments to its cryptocurrency advertising policy. Beginning September 15, advertisements related to blockchain-based nonfungible token (NFT) games will be permitted, but with limitations. Specifically, the advertisements must not be connected to gambling or services related to gambling.

The recently unveiled policy is restricted to NFT games that meet definite requirements. These games can permit players to buy in-game accessories such as virtual clothing for characters, weapons, or superior armor. These items should either elevate the playing experience or help users progress in the game.

However, there remain some non-negotiables. Google's revised policy is firm on not allowing advertisements related to games where players can bet or place their NFTs against fellow players or in exchange for rewards. This includes both cryptocurrencies and other NFTs. Furthermore, advertisements for NFT casino games and any other betting scenarios allowing players to compete for tangible rewards like NFTs, money, or cryptocurrency are prohibited.

For developers and publishers who wish to promote content that involves NFTs and has ties to gambling, there are specific compliance requirements. They need to align with Google's Gambling and games policy and secure the necessary certification from Google Ads.

Prior to this, Google had set a blanket prohibition on any advertisements related to cryptocurrency on its platform. The company hadn't clarified whether this policy would remain constant or if they'd consider revisiting it. Scott Spencer, who held the position of director of sustainable ads at Google, emphasized that the firm would always tread lightly around cryptocurrency-related ads due to their history and potential for causing consumer harm.

However, by June 2021, Google had eased its policy a bit. The company allowed certain businesses, notably cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets that aimed at the U.S. market, to advertise. This was on the condition that these businesses had a registration with the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network either as a money services business or an entity associated with a federal or state-affirmed bank.

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