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DeFi Market Struggles in August with Dips in Activity and Volume

The DeFi market witnessed a downturn in August, with exchange volumes, values, and specific tokens experiencing declines, but also showcased resilience in certain sectors.

Mon, 18 Sep 2023, 06:26 am UTC

Last month, the decentralized finance (DeFi) market took a hit, with several metrics indicating a slump. Analysis from the investment management company, VanEck, showed that the exchange volume for August fell to $52.8 billion, marking a 15.5% decrease from July.

The report stated that in August, the DeFi index lagged behind major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, dropping by 21%. The downturn was intensified by the Unisawp (UNI) token, which fell by 33.5%, with many investors opting to sell and secure profits from the previous month.

A decline of 8% was also noticed in the total value locked (TVL) within the DeFi market, going from $40.8 billion to $37.5 billion. This dip was slightly less severe than Ethereum's decrease of 10% during the same period.

However, not all news was bleak for DeFi in August. The analysis highlighted positive strides such as Uniswap Labs overcoming a class-action lawsuit and growth in the stablecoin departments of Maker and Curve.

In particular, after suffering a significant breach in late July, Curve Finance's stablecoin, crvUSD, showed remarkable growth. In August, it reached a record high with $114 million borrowed. This stablecoin, which is tied to the U.S. dollar, depends on users depositing collateral like Ethereum to borrow crvUSD.

Interestingly, despite crvUSD's growth, Curve Finance's governance token faced a tough time, plummeting 24% in August, settling at a price of $0.45.

Following a significant hack that affected the CRV price, Curve Finance founder Michael Egorov sold 39.25 million CRV tokens to several leading DeFi investors. The report by VanEck also mentioned concerns around global interest rates, especially in the U.S., impacting stablecoins. In August, the total market cap of stablecoins saw a 2% dip, hitting $119.5 billion. VanEck attributes this to increased traditional finance interest rates, driving investors towards money market funds.

While DeFi had challenges in August, it wasn't devoid of positive moments, indicating the dynamic nature of the sector.

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