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Crypto Enthusiast Discovers Dormant Fortune Worth $322,000 in Ethereum Classic

Coinbase's head of product uncovers unclaimed cryptocurrency through diligent exploration

Sun, 09 Jul 2023, 06:09 am UTC

On a rather ordinary day, July 5, a crypto enthusiast found himself abruptly thrust into a windfall, a whopping $322,000 in dormant cryptocurrency. This wasn't an everyday occurrence but an extraordinary event that revolved around the insightful actions of one man.

The catalyst for this revelation was none other than Conor Grogan, Coinbase's head of product. Grogan made it his mission to dive into the depths of neglected crypto accounts, driven by the tantalizing promise of unclaimed fortunes, lying idle after the Ethereum blockchain divided in 2016, giving birth to Ethereum Classic (ETC).

In his diligent hunt for these cryptic treasures, Grogan explored the "ETC rich list," scrutinizing accounts that had never touched their ETC. His attention was piqued by about 20 addresses, each hoarding more than $250,000 worth of ETC. The digital archaeologist, however, encountered several dead ends, which seemed to be an expected part of this unique expedition.

Fate played its hand when Grogan discovered an address that started with "0x475," which held EOSDAC, a cryptocurrency airdropped to Ethereum holders in 2018. This unexpected clue paved the way for him to establish a connection with the EOS wallet of the holder. Not only did this wallet harbor the forgotten fortune, but it also told an intriguing tale of its own.

To decipher the real-world identity behind the 0x475 ETH address, Grogan had to sift through legal documentation. His relentless pursuit finally bore fruit when he found the unsuspecting owner of the crypto wealth.

This unsuspecting investor found themselves suddenly richer by $322,000, a revelation that came courtesy of Grogan's unwavering curiosity and determination. This compelling tale isn't just about lost and found fortune but also serves as a reminder of the intriguing hidden narratives that the world of cryptocurrency can hold.

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