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China’s 190k Bitcoin Reserves Exceed Germany’s: Potential Sell-Off Concerns

China’s Bitcoin holdings of 190k BTC raise market concerns, surpassing Germany’s.

Wed, 10 Jul 2024, 02:18 am UTC

China, now holding 190k Bitcoin, surpasses Germany in reserves. Market watchers are concerned about potential sell-offs.

China's Seized Bitcoin Holdings

The Chinese government seized 27.24 million EOS coins, 830,000 Ethereum tokens, and 190,00 Bitcoin units last year, according to Sina Finance, a local news outlet.

Owners of these massive cryptocurrency holdings were involved in the PlusToken pyramid scheme. The three con artists behind this Ponzi fraud were Peng Yixuan, Ding Zanqing, and Chen Bo. They stole digital assets from numerous unsuspecting investors.

The criminals behind the hoax solicited 310,000 Bitcoin, 9.17 million Ethereum, and over 51 million EOS from unsuspecting investors both online and offline, promising them interest in exchange for their money.

The fact that the Chinese government confiscated the defendants' earnings and the platform's digital currency is irrelevant. The state treasury is supposed to receive the confiscated assets. What will happen to these massive digital asset holdings is the next big question.

Germany's Bitcoin Sale Impact

Many organizations and individuals have sold off their Bitcoin holdings in recent weeks, causing a dramatic collapse in the value of cryptocurrencies across the market.

The Bitcoin transfers that prompted the selling pressure were centered around the German government. This property, consisting of fifty thousand Bitcoin, was first confiscated from the owners of the infamous movie piracy website, The German government started selling these cryptocurrency holdings around the middle of June.

Per Coingape, on Monday, for example, the German government transferred about 5,000 BTC to various wallet addresses, including those at crypto exchanges Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Kraken, as well as crypto market makers Cumberland DRW and Flow Traders.

The German government held 32,488 Bitcoin, valued at around $1.855 billion, as of July 8th. Nevertheless, given the recent plot twist involving the German government's reaccumulation of 3,673 BTC, this should have been higher.

Market Reactions to Potential Sales

With the discovery that China possesses more seized Bitcoin than Germany, the crypto sector is worried. The Chinese government could follow in the footsteps of Germany and the United States and release large amounts of Bitcoin into the market.

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