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Bitcoin Ordinals Framework Introduces Upgrade to Resolve 'Cursed Inscriptions' Issue

Version 0.6.0 of Ordinals Protocol Enables Tradeability of Over 70,000 Formerly Invalid Inscriptions

Tue, 06 Jun 2023, 05:16 am UTC

The creators of the Bitcoin Ordinals framework have unveiled a groundbreaking upgrade aimed at rectifying more than 71,000 faulty inscriptions, enabling their exchangeability. These inscriptions, termed "cursed inscriptions," had become invalid due to incorrect or deliberate misuse of opcodes, rendering them unrecognized.

In an important announcement on June 4, developers revealed the release of the Ordinals protocol version 0.6.0, signaling the beginning of the process to index these previously unrecognized inscriptions. The resolution to address this issue was first proposed in late April by Casey Rodarmor, the pioneer of Ordinals, with the objective of identifying and transforming these hexed inscriptions into "blessed" ones.

The upgrade extends support to a wide range of hexed inscriptions by establishing a block activation height, a crucial point at which specific categories of previously invalid inscriptions start being indexed as standard and valid.

LeonidasNFT, a prominent figure in the Ordinals community, emphasized the significance of this update. With the introduction of version 0.6.0, more than 70,000 existing but invalid inscriptions are now supported. As marketplaces transition to this upgraded version, these newly included inscriptions will become tradeable, marking a significant milestone for the Ordinals protocol.

Bitcoin Ordinals, introduced in January by Casey Rodarmor, are unique asset artifacts that allow for data inscription onto the smallest unit of Bitcoin, known as a satoshi. In the following months after its launch, the frenzy for inscriptions grew exponentially, with thousands being etched onto the Bitcoin blockchain. This surge resulted in network congestion and significant increases in transaction costs.

In terms of rarity and collectibility, Ordinals inscriptions bear similarities to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The allure lies in owning a distinct piece of data permanently engraved onto the Bitcoin blockchain. This exclusive characteristic suggests that these early or transformed inscriptions on satoshis could potentially gain value over time.

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