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Bitcoin Shows Marginal Growth Amidst Volatile Macroeconomic Environment

Stability in BTC Transactions as Concerns Rise Over U.S. Debt Threshold

Tue, 23 May 2023, 14:51 pm UTC

Bitcoin (BTC) saw transactions at around $27,300, marking a marginal growth of slightly more than 0.4%. Data accumulated from CoinMarketCap highlights that for a period extending close to May 22, BTC has maintained a steady presence in the price range of $26,300 to over $27,400. This stability occurs against a volatile macroeconomic environment, particularly amid concerns that U.S. President Joe Biden and the House decision-making body may not find common ground on escalating the nation's debt threshold.

Janet Yellen, who holds the reins of the U.S. Treasury Department, recently penned a letter addressed to Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House hailing from California under the Republican banner. The contents of the letter amplify a forewarning initially broadcasted on May 15.

It underscores the gravity of the situation, stating that the absence of a consensus on this matter could render the Treasury Department incapable of fulfilling all governmental financial commitments as early as the onset of June, or at the latest, by early June. This critical scenario, as projected by Secretary Yellen, certainly contributes to the economic uncertainties affecting various financial markets, including the cryptocurrency domain.

The U.S. is feeling the heat as international investors increasingly favor Bitcoin over the dollar, following a series of setbacks experienced by central U.S. banks like Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. This shifting tide has undoubtedly caught the attention of the U.S. Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

They appear to be strategizing a robust response to stabilize the dollar against key contenders, including Bitcoin, the Russian ruble, and the Chinese yuan. The exact details of their plans remain under wraps, but there's a strong indication they're proactively working to ensure the dollar's dominance in the global economic arena.

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