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Astrology Gains Traction Among Thai Investors for Cryptocurrency Predictions

Thai investors turn to astrology for crypto insights, blending spirituality and finance, as belief systems influence market predictions.

Tue, 24 Oct 2023, 10:20 am UTC

Cryptocurrency and stock market enthusiasts always look for novel ways to gauge market trends. Historically, dreams and artificial intelligence were sought after for insights. But recently, in Thailand, a rather unconventional method has gained popularity among investors: astrology.

A recent discussion in a Reddit thread from the r/cryptocurrency forum brought to light the growing trend of Thai investors consulting astrologers to discern the future of the crypto market. Pimfah, an astrologist, runs a bustling Facebook group, boasting 160,000 members. Here, enthusiasts swap tarot card readings and ponder their implications on cryptocurrency. On another platform, Ajarn Ton, known for his fortune-telling, has amassed 26,000 YouTube subscribers. His channel is filled with videos where he forecasts cryptocurrency prices based on astrological signs.

One of his bold predictions claims that Terraform Labs' cryptocurrency, Terra Luna Classic (LUNC), could skyrocket by an impressive 50,000%, touching $0.029. Interestingly, some of these astrological predictions occasionally align with market realities.

Another figure in the spotlight, Mor Plai, predicted a cryptocurrency resurgence in August 2022, a claim that bore fruit in November, barring some minor setbacks.

Responses to this trend have been mixed. While many Reddit users raised eyebrows at such prediction methods, some found humor, commenting that if hamsters could outperform adults in decision-making, why not give astrology a shot?

Thailand's spiritual leanings offer a backdrop for this phenomenon. A report from Pew Research highlighted that over 80% of Thais believe in a higher power, and almost half are convinced that magic significantly impacts human lives. But this isn't just a Thai trend. Even in the West, some astrologers like Maren Altman have utilized star signs to predict Bitcoin prices, attracting large audiences. Altman believes in the practicality of applying financial astrology to cryptocurrency.

Interestingly, Didi Taihuttu, a notable figure in the Bitcoin community, uses moon cycles alongside trading data to identify Bitcoin trading opportunities. Some speculate that beliefs in astrological predictions might influence traders' actions, creating a ripple effect in price fluctuations.

As for Bitcoin's future, a crypto-focused astrologer, Crypto Damus, recently shared insights hinting at a favorable scenario for Bitcoin based on Mars' positioning. While the exact implications remain cryptic, the growing intersection of astrology and crypto continues to intrigue.

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