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Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche Partner to Launch Blockchain-Based Metaverse Platform

Skyrealm will facilitate the creation and management of virtual reality environments on Avalanche's layer 1 blockchain with Alibaba Cloud's support.

Mon, 08 May 2023, 08:12 am UTC

E-commerce giant Alibaba's cloud computing division, Alibaba Cloud, has partnered with blockchain-based platform Avalanche to create a new launchpad called Skyrealm, facilitating the creation of metaverses on the blockchain. This all-in-one solution is designed to help businesses easily develop and manage their virtual reality environments.

Skyrealm will utilize Avalanche's layer 1 blockchain as its foundation, and Alibaba Cloud will provide a safe, high-performance cloud infrastructure for this platform, along with support for intelligent operation platforms, computing, storage, and networking. Raymond Xiao, the Head of International Web3 Solutions at Alibaba Cloud, stated that this alliance between the two parties is an imperative solution to answer the increasing demand for businesses in the Asia-Pacific region to jump on board the web3 and blockchain bandwagon.

Alibaba Cloud has been making significant efforts to expand its presence in the Web3 realm, as evidenced by its recent partnership announcements with blockchain protocol Elastos and Sui blockchain developer Mysten Labs. The Chinese firm is committed to helping create more progressive and secure solutions for the modern internet that rely on blockchain technology.

Avalanche, the blockchain-based platform, offers innovative tools that support quick and efficient deployment of applications without the traditional delays that usually plague such launches. The platform's advanced tooling, which requires minimal coding, offers unparalleled configurability that enables businesses to launch their Web3 innovations in as little as 60 seconds. This capability is particularly beneficial given how faster time-to-market enhances a company's ability to stay competitive in today's business environment.

According to its official site, Avalanche's novel architecture with integrated subnets allows for a new level of scalability without reducing security, speed, or reliability. This system allows for interconnected but independent blockchains that maintain security measures undertaken by dynamic subsets of validators, ensuring more robust platforms. These exciting capabilities have immense appeal to key players like the Chinese e-commerce powerhouse, Alibaba Cloud, who are keen to expand further into the Web3 sphere and create new, innovative, and groundbreaking applications that surpass competitors.

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