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Romanian Electronics Expert Demonstrates DIY Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Florin Cocos, a Romanian engineer, successfully crafted a DIY Trezor cryptocurrency wallet using open-source blueprints, promoting open-source projects.

Sun, 24 Sep 2023, 03:08 am UTC

Florin Cocos, a Romanian electronics expert, showcased how anyone with a little technical know-how can construct a cryptocurrency hardware wallet from freely available resources. Without ever owning a commercially sold Trezor device, Cocos utilized its open-source blueprint to craft his very own version.

Florin Cocos detailed his journey through a video on his YouTube channel, Voltlog. To fabricate the DIY Trezor Model One, he relied on a range of electronic components. Among them were a microcontroller from Farnell and a printed circuit board he secured from a Chinese producer, designed from a Gerber file found on Trezor’s GitHub repository.

Cocos remains a staunch supporter of his handmade crypto device half a decade after he first introduced it. He commented to Cointelegraph recently, stressing his confidence in his self-made device over those purchased from traditional vendors.

The motive behind Cocos's project wasn’t merely to replicate a market product. He was passionate about advancing the knowledge and acceptance of open-source initiatives. In his words, having the power to oversee security measures and the joy of constructing something individually were significant driving forces behind his venture.

Completing the DIY Trezor device wasn't an overnight task. Estimating the entire process, from procurement of materials to final assembly and software installation, Cocos disclosed it took about 10 hours. This timeframe excluded the waiting period for deliveries of ordered parts.

Cocos shared with Cointelegraph that while creating the hardware was relatively straightforward, integrating the firmware and ensuring compatibility with the application posed a slight challenge.

It's worth noting that there have been instances where crypto enthusiasts were deceived by counterfeit hardware wallets from unofficial sources. This underscores the recommendation from companies like Ledger and Trezor, which stress purchasing hardware wallets solely from authorized dealers.

However, considering there are global areas where shipping hardware wallets is problematic due to reasons like sanctions, Trezor has proposed the open-source avenue as an alternative. Josef Tetek, a Bitcoin analyst at Trezor, affirmed the open-source availability of their product on GitHub for those looking to craft their own.

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