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New Celer partnership to make using blockchain stupidly easy

Celer.Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker/Flickr

Sat, 29 Jun 2019, 04:28 am UTC

Celer is intent on making the prospect of using cryptocurrency or blockchain a lot less intimidating with its new partnership with Wyre. This partnership is to allow for seamless transactions with bitcoin using the Celer dApp CelerX and make it so simple that anyone can use it. In fact, Celer CEO Mo Dong wants to make the dApp usage so easy that “people do not even know they are using blockchain.”

The startup made the announcement in a press release where details about the upcoming partnership were provided. Speaking about the merits of partnering with Wyre, Dong talked about why going in this direction made sense when it comes to integrating payment services with its dApp.

“CelerX provides users with highly engaging skill-based eSport blockchain games. However, the ‘last-mile’ of crypto adoption is always fiat on/off ramps. To allow vast amounts of users to onboard blockchain applications, an easy and secure fiat bridge is essential for the entire ecosystem. We believe Wyre is exactly what we need. We applaud the Wyre team to go the extra mile to facilitate direct onboarding to layer-2 to enable new users to immediately enjoy fun games with crypto,” Dong said.

Wyre CEO Michael Dunworth also elaborated on what his company has to bring to the table when it comes to improving the prospects of CelerX as a dApp. In particular, the aspect of gaming appears to be of high interest to all parties involved.

“Lining all the pieces up, it's hard to argue that gaming will not be one of the next channels to attract large audiences into cryptocurrencies,” Dunworth said. “Celer has tunnel vision when it comes to adding value through technology, to an audience that is technology savvy, global, and heavily community driven. Supporting DAI directly into CelerX gives dApps all the opportunity to execute on their core competencies & avoid busy work reaching their TAM (total addressable market). eSports as a market is an exciting space, and as a gamer, I'm incredibly excited that we get to support moving the needle for it!"

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  • 2019.07.01 22:43:41
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